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Journal: China-US Education

Volume 4 Issues 3&4 (2017-08)

Article 1:
Negative Syntactic Transfer in College English Writing
Wuhan Institute of Technology, China
Wuhan Institute of Technology, China
Wuhan Institute of Technology, China

This study examines the negative syntactic transfer in College English writing. Based on the theory of error analysis, this study aims at exploring the phenomenon of negative syntactic transfer and further finds out three main types of errors reflected in the Chinese college students' English writing, namely, run-on sentences, non-agreement between subject and predicate, and two or more predicate verbs in a clause.

Article 2:
The Impact of Teaching Pragmatics on Chinese College Students' English Learning
Hunan University of Finance and Economics, China

This review article aims to identify the impact of teaching pragmatics on Chinese college students' English learning. Due to the internationalization of higher education and the increase in cultural and social interactions, pragmatic competence has become very important for Chinese college students. Although pragmatic competence is accepted as being integral to English teaching in China, currently there is no final consensus about which methods of teaching and assessment are the best for college English education in China. Implications for further research are also addressed.

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