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Journal: China-US Education

Volume 1 Issue 1 (2014-02)

Article 1:
Untested Ideas Research Center, United States

The Editors are proud to announce the inaugural issue of China-US Education, published by Untested Ideas Research Center®, Niagara Falls, New York, USA.

Article 2:
Using Generalizability Theory to Examine the Impact of Essay Quality on ESOL Writing Assessment – A Turkish Case Study
Niagara University, United States
Kafkas University, Turkey
Niagara University, United States
Niagara University, United States

Using generalizability theory as a framework for analysis, the purpose of this study was to assess if the quality of essays (i.e., low quality vs. medium quality vs. high quality) interferes with the assessment of ESOL students’ writing at a Turkish university. The analysis revealed the raters were the most consistent in rating the high quality ESOL essays and the least consistent in rating the low quality essays. Additionally, whether an essay was scored holistically or analytically greatly impacted the scoring variability of the high quality ESOL essays but did not impact the low quality ESOL essays at all. These findings provide evidence that the raters’ holistic and analytic scoring of an ESOL essay varies considerably depending on the quality of the essay.

Article 3:
Modeling and Development Paths of Skilled Personnel in relation to the Manufacturing Industrial Chain in China during the “Transition Period”
Jianghan University, China

Focusing on the global industrial chain, this paper first designs a model of skilled personnel in regards to the development of the manufacturing industry in China during the “transition period”, then analyzes its rationality, and finally puts forward the development path of skilled personnel by comparing the development of R&D skilled personnel, the inputs into R&D activities, and the correspondent outcomes in China compared to those in developed countries while combining the actual needs of skilled personnel by the manufacturing industry in China during the “transition period”.

Article 4:
A Study on the Development of Chinese Children’s Literature
Istanbul University, Turkey

China has one of the world’s richest accumulations of literature, and its literature for children is equally rich. The theoretical foundations of adult Chinese literature began in the last quarter of the 19th century. Since that time, some of the country’s children's literature has been translated into western languages. The upward trend in the research on Chinese children‘s literature from that time until today is remarkable. Chinese children’s literature products are classified into three main groups including those be drafted for children from the beginning, literature drafted for adults but later converted into children's literature through simplified language, and works of children's literature translated from other languages. In this article we will make a general assessment about the theoretical research done on children's literature developed in China especially in the second half of the 20th century. We also will endeavor to provide information about the status of children's literature from some minority nations living in China and the main translated works in Chinese written in western languages.

Article 5:
Dancing to the Beat of a Different Drum: Getting Administrators, Teachers, and Parents Hip to Students’ Academic Dance Moves
Niagara University, United States

This think-piece provides practical ways administrators, teachers, and parents can empower students to participate fully in the learning process. Administrators can develop innovative ways students can accomplishment their schools' mission. Teachers can develop competence in other subject areas via interdisciplinary teaching. Schools can conduct parent-teacher meetings in the communities of underrepresented students to enhance parental involvement.

Article 6:
On Yahya Kemal Beyatli Poems
Istanbul University, Turkey

Poets, writers, music lovers, and artists take the nation to the future and the nation makes up the state that carries others to the future. They exemplify national and spiritual values with their works. The poets are the founders of our national identity as well as being spiritual architects. The past of civilization and the culture which Turks spread and enhanced is based on deep slate. The struggles, victories, defeats, and social relations of Turks in the Balkans are worked up extensively in our literature. Of the poets, Yahya Kemal lyrically mentioned the Skopje which influenced the material and spiritual aspects of Balkan cities. In a sensitive manner, the poet mentions his sorrows, his joys, his aspirations, his childhood and his years of youth spent in Skopje and the Balkans. The first poem of Yahya Kemal about Ottoman History is 'The Conquest of the Skopje’(1392). He draws the frontiers of geography by relating to Ottoman time periods from the Seljuks: "We had come with Sari Saltik on one time, separated one by one to the realm of Greek from Sakarya". Another theme in the poems of Yahya Kemal is relationship between the Turkish and Moslem people of the Balkan. He reviews this theme and how it enhances our civilization. He reminds readers of the national and spiritual values from the past to present times by explaining the differing perspectives of Balkan cities, Turkish history, and Turkish architecture which “Evlad-ı Fatihan” founded. Yahya Kemal, who mentions the Balkan cities in his poems, adds the social and the cultural structure of the Balkans into literature.

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