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Journal: China-US Education

Volume 4 Issues 1&2 (2017-04)

Article 1:
The Mystery Predicament Freedom: An Existential Analysis of The French Lieutenant's Woman
Huaihua University, China

The French Lieutenant's Woman, John Fowles' novel, is influenced by existentialist philosophy. It seems like a love story, but actually the story of Charles Smithson and Sarah Woodruff is the myth of the origin of Fowles' brand of existentialism. Under the guise of an interpretation of the Victorian age, it's really a myth for now. Fowles writes to prove a theory about his philosophical origins, and produces a good story in the process. The story is filled with figuratively siren, Garden of Eden, quest motifs. Sarah and Charles follow the age-old pattern of the heroic myth. Based on Sartrean existentialism, this article mainly focuses on mystery of Sarah, predicament of Charles and their way to freedom.

Article 2:
Chinese Translation Major Students' Strategies in English-Chinese and Chinese-English Translations
Wuhan Institute of Technology, China
Wuhan Institute of Technology, China

This study investigated Chinese translation major students' strategies in English-Chinese (E-C) and Chinese-English (C-E) translations. The research involves two stages, the training stage and the formal experiment stage. The training is designed to help get the subjects familiar with think-aloud protocols (TAPs) experiment. In this study, 16 strategies have been identified. Many differences were found in the translation strategies adopted by the students in C-E and E-C translations. The major problem of C-E translation is the expression of target language while that of E-C translation is comprehension of the source language. Further, students adopted more number and variety of strategies in the E-C translation than in the C-E translation.

Article 3:
The Analysis of Personal Reference Errors in Teaching English to Chinese College Students
Wuhan Institute of Technology, China
Wuhan Institute of Technology, China
Wuhan Institute of Technology, China

This article analyzes the personal reference errors in teaching English to Chinese college students. Forty-six written samples were selected randomly from the final examination papers of Basic English Writing of sophomore English major students at the School of Foreign Language of a Chinese university. Similarly, 46 spoken recordings were collected as well and then they were processed and transcribed into the written forms. Based on cohesion theory, this study analyzed the personal reference errors in written and spoken texts. The purpose was to strengthen the awareness of both teachers and learners in using the personal references and provide pedagogical implications for teaching Chinese students English writing and oral English.

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