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Jinyan Huang
Niagara University, United States

Kaycheng Soh
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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Journal: International Journal of Social and Educational Rankings

In the highly competitive world of to-day, nations and institutions are keenly concerned with their relative positions in the international scene, for political and development reasons. This is visibly reflected in the intense interest in rankings of various realms including democracy, governance, corruption, sustainability, happiness, livability, university, and academic achievement, etc, to name just the more common ones. The ranking agents amass tremendous amount of data through both original surveys and extant data from diverse sources. They use methods varying in sophistication. Therefore, from the research perspective, there are conceptual and methodological issues calling for scholarly discourse and secondary analysis. From the practical perspective, such discussion and re-analysis will serve a watch-dog function to caution against misinforming and misinterpretation. In other words, investigation into conceptual and methodological issues of social and educational rankings is a new area for scholarly and post-graduate research. International Journal of Social and Educational Rankings (IJSER) is an international blind peer-reviewed refereed journal published by Untested Ideas (UI) Research Center®. This journal is dedicated to publishing original investigations on new and untested ideas about social and educational rankings, and disseminating research findings that make original and significant contributions. IJSER (ISSN: 2332-1334) is published sem

Volume 1 Issue 1 (2014-09-30)
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