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Journal: Language and Communication Quarterly

Volume 4 Issues 1&2 (2015-06)

Article 1:
ESL Students’ Perception of Writing Conferences
Wuhan University of Technology, China

This study explores perceptions of the writing conference from the students’ perspective by examining the responses of both native speaking students and ESL students at an American university. The results of this study reveal that students’ perceptions of writing conferences are influenced by their previous experience in writing, their writing process, and perception towards different sources of feedback. The results offer insight into how to conduct effective writing conferences.

Article 2:
An Investigation into Students’ Expectation of Teacher Feedback and Its Influence on English Majors’ Writing
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

This study explores students’ expectations of teachers’ feedback and teachers’ actual practices in a higher-education context. The results show that students expect detailed feedback, such as marginal corrections and end comments. Teachers tend to provide feedback on the form, but students prefer more feedback on expression, structure and content. Despite the high expectations of students, they do not think that teachers’ feedback actually improves their writing. The study has practical value on how to provide feedback on students’ writing.

Article 3:
Untested Ideas Research Center, United States

The 4th Untested Ideas International Research Conference Building Global Connections in Research and Practice

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