LEADING CROSS-GENERATIONAL WORKERS TO ”WANT TO WORK” What Skilled Trades Business Managers Need to Know?
Niagara University, United States
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The study of work ethic as it relates to the skilled trades is an area that has received little attention over the years. Empirical studies relating to work ethic are mostly derived from working professionals or individuals in post secondary education. Literature suggests that their work ethic is declining. Analysis of work ethic seemingly excludes blue collar trade workers or those with limited education. This book is based on the author’s dissertation study which primarily focused on work ethic in the context of skilled trades workers and the impact a manager and co-worker can have on impacting work ethic in workers. From both quantitative and qualitative perspectives, this research evaluated changes in work ethic in managers and workers across such demographic variables as generation born, status of employ (worker or manager), number of years working in the skilled trades, and level of education attained. Additionally, leadership attributes associated with effective and ineffective management traits were also evaluated in terms of their impact on work ethic.
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