The 4th UI International Research Conference

Online Conference Presentation
Presenter(s) Title(s) Presentations
Aysel Şahin Kızıl
Fırat University, Turkey
Qing Wei
Hunan University, China
Test for English Majors-Band 4 (TEM4) in China: A Historical Overview
Xiaoyan Zeng & Xiaoxiang Chen
Hunan University, China
The Influence of Lexical Aspect, Task Variability and Proficiency Level on Chinese Learners’ Acquisition of the English Progressive Aspect
Xiao Yuan
Hunan University, China
Management in EFL Speaking Classrooms by English- versus Chinese-native Speakers
Xingxing Mao
Hunan University, China
College English Test Band 4 (CET-4) in China: A Historical Overview
Ying Gu
Wuhan Institute of Technology, China
Academic Anxiety in Chinese Graduate Students: Causes and Implications
Yao Yuan
Huaihua University
Analysis of Chinese 3D Printing Policy and its Implication on the Development of the Industry
Yuping Zhou
Yunnan Minzu University, China
An Overview of Spreading Chinese Culture Overseas
Gina M. Pizziconi-Cupples
Niagara University, USA
Using Generalizability Theory to Examine the Air Reserve Component Augmentation (ARC) Request Process